Rowing Machines

Some Important Points about Rowing Machines

The market these days is packed with different varieties of rowing machines. It is due to this huge availability in choice, it becomes quite an overwhelming experience to get hold of the best rowing machine. Prior to investing your hard-earned money in a rowing machine, it is important for you weight the advantages and the disadvantages of different models. You must also have a very clear understanding of the features of every product. It is equally important to have a clear idea about the use of the machine. There are cheap models of such machines providing good workouts and encouraging the loss of fat but they do not tend to last for a very long time.

Categorical Detailing of the Best Rowing Machines

Determining the exact use of a rowing machine can be of good help in making the best purchase. There are affordable models available and there are even highly professional varieties that can last for a very long span of time. However, these models are a bit expensive. Some of the best choices in rowing machines have been organized categorically below:

Rowing MachinesStamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine- Saves Money and Space

This is an inexpensive and a lightweight rowing machine that works out the body in the best way possible. It features a hydraulic design which does not allow realistic rowing movements. It does not work out the entire body but only the upper body and the arms.

WaterRower- Best Rowing Machine to Indoor Workout

WaterRower is a rowing machine that features excellent design and can be used very easily. The machine offers full range of rowing movements along with water resistance and thus works out the entire body. It makes a realistic and stress relieving water sound with every stroke and looks great indoors. The only disadvantage associated with this machine is that it comes a little more expensive in comparison to the discount models.

Concept2 Model D- For a Rowing Experience that is Realistic

The machine has very close similarity with real rowing and this is the reason why it is popular for specialized rowing competitions. The machine works absolutely fine in the form of an air-resistance rower but it is not affordable for the common people.

Factors to Keep in Mind Prior to Buying a Rowing Machine

Apart from personal requirements, there are some other important factors to keep in mind prior to buying a rowing machine and the factors are as follows:

Space Availability

You must have a close look at the space available in your house so that the machine that you buy fits in well in the available space. If you are going for an air resistance rowing machine then make sure you have enough space in your house.

Workout Effectiveness

The workout effectiveness of a rowing machine is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a rowing machine. For beginners, it is highly recommended not to go for commercial grade machines because such machines can take a toll on their workout effectiveness.


Pricing is yet another important point that requires consideration. You must have a specific budget in mind and only then will it be possible for you to select the machine that goes with your affordability.

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