Rowing Machine Benefits

People who exercise regularly aren’t the only ones that are into rowing machine benefits. In fact, rowing can help anyone aiming for great fitness. The rowing machine being used uses several major muscles. More than that, though, rowers get your heart in shape and strong lungs for a great aerobic workout

Rowing Machine Benefits Are an Effective Aerobic Workout: Because rowing requires the use of so many muscle groups, a rowing machine is an effective way to raise your heart rate and increase your oxygen. The resistance on most rowing machines let you easily work up to your target heart rate and also slow back down to your resting rate. Some of these home gym machines even come with a wireless heart-rate chest strap to help you monitor your heart rate hands-free which is only one of the benefits of rowing machine.

  1. Fast Calorie Burning: A rowing machine workout burns an average of 700 calories an hour. That’s better than most home gym machines. On a stationary bike without arm involvement, you would need to ride about an hour and 20 minutes to equal an hour workout on a rowing machine.
  2. Rowing Machine – Arm Workouts: As you might expect, rowing machines provide a good arm workout, They involve the arm muscles, shoulder muscles , upper back and lats in the lower back. Your bicep arm workouts include pecs, and abs too. Because you need to maintain a strong grip on the rowing machine, you’ll also develop stronger hands and wrists, which are one of the many rowing machine benefits
  3. Rowing Machine Conditioning for the Lower Body: Perhaps surprisingly, one of the top benefits of rowing machines is the workout they give the lower body. In fact, people who use the rowing machine consider rowing somewhat a lower-body workout. The main leg muscles involved are the quads, but the calves and glutes (buttocks) are also involved. For the best lower-body workout, choose a rowing machine with a sliding seat.
  4. Benefits of Rowing Machine: The motion of a rowing machine is natural and low impact, putting little stress on your joints. Rowers are used in both home gyms and athletic clubs, While back strain is a minor concern, you can minimize the risk of back strain by using correct rowing form thus Proper rowing posture lets your legs do the work, which is another one of the  rowing machine benefits.

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